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Fridays Off Wins the Hearts of Most

By Margaret Hansen,

With warmer summer weather fast approaching, how do you keep employees focused and motivated while they're at work? You could try starting the weekend earlier - or the workweek later.

Facebook Poll Results

In a recent poll, we asked job seekers which day of the week they would prefer to have off. Fridays won, getting 60 percent of the votes, but Mondays came in at a close second with 27 percent.

Anecdotal comments on Facebook were heavily weighted toward Fridays, less so toward Mondays. Several voters mentioned they have a Monday through Thursday workweek, which they love.

"...Friday is the best day to have off," commented Maggi Hinsey Blue. Whereas Julie Burwell noted, "Mondays, because they're awful - so it would nice to have them off."

Summer Hour Options

With business typically slowing down on Friday afternoons, an early-out Friday for all but necessary staff shouldn't pose too many operational conflicts - assuming workers get their job done and put their week's hours in before they leave.

Another solution would be to stagger employees between early-out Fridays and late Mondays, either by rotating staff each week and/or offering employees their first choice preference whenever possible.

A compressed work-week, no matter how you arrange it, can motivate your staff and improve morale and productivity, without costing your company any additional cash.

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