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Take a Vacation That Helps Your Career

By Margaret Hansen, JobsInDE.com

Increase Performance

Think taking a vacation away from home could leave you in the lurch at work and possibly affect your ability to think clearly back on the job? Think again.

Air New Zealand recently released the results of their study that measured alertness after a trip to New Zealand. According to their trial, people's performance on an alertness test improved 82 percent after at least a week on vacation.

The test, administered on a personal digital assistant, measured how long it took people to hit a button when one of two graphics popped onto the screen. The PDA tests are the same ones used to study the performance of doctors, airline pilots and law enforcement officers.

Surroundings Are Key

Some advice? Take a relaxing vacation where you will be sure to reduce fatigue and distraction, two huge factors in ridding your body of stress and thus raising your alertness factor. Leave all traces of work at home and pick a place where you, and all your fellow travelers, will find something enjoyable to do.

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