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Three Ways to Reinvent Your Recruiting Strategy in a Recession

By Margaret Hansen,

Lean and hungry times can produce some of the most innovative ideas. Here are three examples of how you can change your company's employment strategy:

Create momentum by being around other innovative folks just like yourself and share your ideas

No one could have predicted that post Katrina New Orleans would become a mecca for young professionals looking to make a difference in the world. Yet despite the epidemic devastation, the desire to rebuild better and greener has been fed by organizations, green builders, artists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists and has skyrocketed since 2005.

So much so, that New Orleans is predicted to "weather" the economic storm better than the rest of the country, all things being equal. The Idea Village, a 9-year-old non-profit that finds ways to encourage Gen-Yers to stay in the New Orleans area post-graduation, announced the 504ward this fall, which promises $100,000 in cash to a lucky winner who relocates their young start-up to New Orleans. The energy levels there are contagious.

Adapt a Zen-like business strategy, using out-of-the-box emotion

Consultant Keith Yamashita, change guru to corporate giant Hewlett-Packard, says you should ask yourself the following:

  • What are you doing that's different from everyone else in your industry?
  • What excites your customers?
  • What makes employees passionate about their work?
  • Why do you exist?

Another tip of Yamashita: Differentiate between what's purposeful and what's just being done out of habit. And then, tell the world about it.

Appeal to and focus on the nervous "buyer"

Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo and author of their blog Modern B2B Marketing, says it's important to gain the trust your prospects, many of which are risk-averse in today's economy. The same applies to recruiting; job seekers are less likely to leave their current "safe" position if the job market is uncertain. With record job losses to date and more to come, people need to be reassured. A trusted employment "brand" is sure to attract more confident applicants. What is it about your company that appeals to the job seeker's need for safety and security?

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